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Teachers, Home School and Community Educators
This 16 page Nature Activity Booklet is free to students!

Our booklet provides fun educational activities about the natural world of native plants and birds. Activities include word puzzles, matching games and a maze. One project teaches bird anatomy by coloring and labeling parts. The booklet is laced with humorous hummingbird humdingers (facts and quotes) as well as critical thinking exercises. The Audubon/FPL grant can supply many Venice and Charlotte County elementary schools with a booklet for every 4-6 grader. Several Florida DOE Science standards are met (4th Grade Science Behavior and Traits, 5th Grade Earth & Space Science Development, Diversity, Interdependence, and 6th Grade Atmospheric & Water Cycle concepts etc.) To place your order email and provide a delivery address.

Peace River Audubon Society has a Native Plant Yard Certification Program:

Audubon Bird Data Base Site by zip code:

Native Plants for your Area Data Base Site:


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