Description: This 245 acre park is managed by the Florida Park Service

Vegetation Communities: Coastal dune, coastal strand, beach, maritime hammock, tidal swamp.

Location: Southern end of Manasota Key plus Peterson and Whidden Islands.

Amenities: Parking area ($3 fee), bathrooms, picnic tables, beach, unpaved trails. Bird nesting areas are roped off in the spring and summer.

Animal Species:  You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter year-round include:

Brown pelican  Black Skimmer*  Great Blue Heron
 Killdeer*  Laughing Gull  Northern Mockingbird
 Osprey  Ring-billed Gull  Royal Tern
 Sandwich Tern  Snowy Egret  Snowy Plover*
 Willet  Wilson’s Plover*  Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Migrants that you may see:

Black-bellied Plover  Common Loon  Forster’s Tern
 Great black-backed Gull  Least Tern*  Magnificent Frigatebird
 Northern Gannet  Peregrine Falcon  Piping Plover
 Red Knot  Ruddy Turnstone  Sanderling
Semipalmated Plover  Western Sandpiper  White Pelican

* Breed in the area during the summer
Documented Mammals:


Documented Herps:

 Brown Anole  Gopher Tortoise  Loggerhead Sea Turtle


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