Description: Small City Park, Beach, and Boat ramp in Punta Gorda near the mouth of the Peace River.

Vegetation Communities: Mangrove swamp, beach, grassy areas, hardwoods, palms.

Location: Punta Gorda, 3 miles from intersection of US41 and Marion Ave, or 5 miles from I-75.   Go south on Marion to the end.

Amenities: Bathrooms, Peace River Wildlife Center, children’s play area, boat ramp, boat trailer and car parking, boardwalk.

Animal Species:  We are still building an inventory, but here is the beginning:

Birds that you may encounter year-round include:

 Brown Pelican  Laughing Gull  Royal Tern
 Willet  Anhinga  Foresters Tern
 Great Blue Heron  Little Blue Heron  Spotted sandpiper
 Cowbird  Snowy Egret  Great Egret
 Louisiana Tricolor Heron  Ground Dove  Great Horned Owl
 Starling  Turkey Vulture  Black Vulture
 Red-breasted Merganser  Lesser Scaup  Belted Kingfisher
 Osprey  Fish Crow  Roseate Spoonbill
 Woodstork  Bald eagle  Yellow-crowned Night Heron
 Black-crowned Night Heron  Red-bellied Woodpecker  Piliated Woodpecker
 Green Heron  Boat-tailed Grackle  Frigate Bird
 Sanderling  Red-winged Blackbird  Prairie Warbler
 American Kestrel  Palm Warbler  Horned Grebe
 Sandwich Tern  Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  Tree Swallow
 Yellow-rumped Warbler  Cardinal  White-eyed Vireo
 Least Sandpiper  Red-shouldered Hawk  Double-crested Cormorant
 White Ibis  Common Loon  Semipalmated Plover
 Mourning Dove  Ring-billed Gull  Hooded Merganser
 Shrike  White Pelican  Dickcissel
 Western Sandpiper

Documented Mammals:

 Raccoon  Cottontail Rabbit

Documented Herps:

Cottontail Rabbit Brown Anole