Earth Day Group
Reinier Mungua - Speaker
Group at Fort DeSoto
Group at Seaboard Grade
Pinecraft Park
Speaker Brad Cornell and President Bren Curtis
Walkabout Report - Larry Taylor Kiwanis Park
FEB Outreach
Backyard Bird Count Video
Field Trip to Myakka Bridge and Crowley Museum
Jayne Johnson, FWC"s Sr. wildlife Assistance Biologist
Ron Mills Bird Blind

Prairie Creek Preserve
Cedar Point
Ollie's Pond

celery fields field trip report
chec alligator creek

Photo of a Great Horned Owl by Phyllis Cady
Seaboard Grade
Kayak Trip
PRAS Group

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher by Deb Peterson Ollie's Pond
by Bren Curtis
by Barb Taylor

Lesser Yellowlegs by Phyllis Cady.

Photo by Kerry Bowers
by Barb Taylor
Red-shouldered Hawk - by Deb Peterson