Description: 196 acre environmental park located in the southwest corner of Sarasota County by Charlotte County.

Vegetation Communities: Pine flatwoods, mangroves, swamp.

Location: 570 Bay Park Boulevard, Englewood, Florida 34223    941-474-3065

 From I-75:  From I-75: take River Road exit (old #34). Go south on River Road (SR 777). Ccross SR 41 and continue several miles. River Road will become Dearborn Street. Stay on Dearborn into Englewood. Cross SR 776 (Indiana Ave). Turn right onto Old Englewood Road. Turn left onto Stewart Street. Turn right onto Bay Park Blvd.
 From Port Charlotte: From Port Charlotte: Travel west on El Jobean (SR776). Continue west for about 7.5 miles (SR776 changes names to McCall St after crossing the Peace River) to the west end of Englewood (where SR776 changes names to Indiana Ave). Turn left on W. Dearborn St. then turn right onto Old Englewood Road. Turn left onto Stewart Street. Turn right onto Bay Park Blvd.

Amenities: 3 miles of nature trails (handicap/asphalt trails and shell trails), environmental center, restrooms, meeting room/rental space, picnic pavilion, 1 mile of shoreline on Lemon Bay Aquatic Preserve, fishing, kayaking/canoeing, birding, butterfly garden.   No entrance fee.

Birding by Kayak: Lemon Bay Park has great birding by kayak opportunities. Excellent mangrove and woodland areas as well as shallow water for wading birds. The park has a good launch area north of the visitor’s center. It is a short, level walk to put in.

Animal Species: You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter year-round include:

 Bald Eagle  Great Horned Owl  Spotted Sandpiper
 Green Heron  Chimney Swifts  Brown Pelican
 Osprey  Sandwich Tern  Great Egret
 Pileated Woodpecker  Mockingbird  Great Blue Heron
 Wood Duck  Cardinal  Little Blue Heron
 Red-bellied Woodpecker  Downy Woodpecker  Carolina Wren
 Snowy Egret  Florida Mottled Duck  Ring-billed Gull


Migrants that you may see:

 Prairie Warbler  Indigo Bunting  White Pelican
 Gray Catbird  Short-billed Dowitcher  Black and White Warbler
 Tree Swallow  Ruby-throated Hummingbird  Kestrel

Documented Mammals:

 Racoon  Nine-banded Armadillo  Bobcat
 Gray Squirrel  Gray Fox  Rabbit
 Florida Manatee  Opossum  Dolphin

Documented Herps:

 American Alligator  Gopher Tortoise
(in surrounding areas)
 Cuban Brown Anole*
 Box Turtle  Eastern Glass Lizard  Black Racer Snake
 Indigo Snake  Red Rat Snake  Ringneck Snake


*Non-native Species