Description: Man-made retention ponds, bordered by pine flatwoods that parallel Kings Highway. These ponds are managed at varying water depths, allowing several different wetland communities. The ponds contain quite a few species of native plants which offer ample nesting and foraging areas for quite a few wetland dependent animals.

Vegetation Communities: Pond communities and pine flatwoods.

Location: Both sides of Kings Highway between Midway Blvd. and Westchester Blvd.

Amenities: None. There is a sidewalk which can be walked or bicycled. There is no public parking area specifically for this area, but ample parking exists off Vessels Road (west) and Swanee Road (east). No public restrooms are available (but shopping areas with restrooms are close by).

Animal Species: You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter in the WETLANDS include:

 Great Egret  Laughing Gull  Boat-tailed Grackle
 Green Heron  Red-winged Blackbird  Little Blue Heron
 Black Vulture  Bald Eagle*  Turkey Vulture
 Snowy Egret  American Coot  Kingfisher
 Tricolored Heron  Anhinga  Common Grackle
 Moorhen  Killdeer  Wood Stork

* There is a bald eagle that is often perched on a snag on the west side of Kings Highway
Birds you will likely see in the FLATLANDS and general vicinity:

 Laughing Gull  White-eyed vireo  Black Vulture
 Northern Mockingbird  Mourning Dove  Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
 Gray Catbird  Red-bellied Woodpecker

Documented Mammals:

 Racoon  Nine-banded Armadillo

Documented Herps:

 American Alligator  Gopher Tortoise
(in surrounding areas)
 Brown Anole
 Pig Frog