PRAS Conservation

Located in Charlotte County, the Peace River Audubon Society is engaged in local, regional, state, national  and international conservative issues. The purpose of PRAS is to engage in any such educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic and charitable pursuits to protect the environment.

PRAS 2020-2021 Chapter and Legislative Priorities 

  1. Advocate for water quality in the Peace River, Charlotte Harbor and in the Greater Everglades Watershed by supporting scientific research and at the same time supporting nutrient and pollutant source control.  Advocate for continued funding for Everglades Restoration.
  2. Encourage legislative support by giving high priority for local Florida Forever, Rural and Family Lands Conservation Projects including adjacent vital wetlands and connecting corridors of natural habitats like the Charlotte Flatwoods Initiative.
  3. Promote SW Regional Resiliency Compact by involving local organizations, universities and government agencies.
  4. Broaden diverse participation in PRAS Chapter activities, governing bodies, membership and philanthropic opportunities for birding, conservation and education.

Conservation Leadership Initiative, Audubon Florida’s Mentoring Program

Audubon has a mentoring program for college students called Conservation Leadership Initiative (CLI). In 2010 Florida Audubon started a program that matches up young conservationists and students with experienced Audubon leaders for a day at Assembly. Soon the program was expanded to a three day event at the annual Assembly. In 2019, Audubon expanded its Conservation Leadership Initiative (CLI) from a three-day program to a full year training fellowship for Florida students interested in conservation. CLI brings together college participants who demonstrate great potential as environmental leaders, pairing each with a mentor and providing workshops to showcase conservation careers. This year, Audubon was proud to welcome 25 gifted students from 12 Florida Colleges and Universities. Bren Curtis of Peace River Audubon mentored Hannah Kenzie and Allison Ryun in previous years. This year she has a new student, Edwin Wilke, her third FGCU student. See Blog.

CLI Initiative

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