Description: This site was acquired in stages starting with 400 feet of gulf frontage. The peninsula on Lemon Bay was created from spoil when the Intercostal Waterway was dug in the early 1960’s. 1600 feet of gulf frontage was acquired to the north of the original site in 1983. In November 1986, 600 more feet of Gulf to bay property was acquired to the south of the original site in 1988. In 1989, approximately 400 more feet of Gulf to bay property was purchased by Sarasota County Government at the north end of the site.

Location: Blind Pass Beach, 6725 Manasota Key Road , Manasota Key, FL 34223.  Blind Pass Beach is located on Manasota Key Road, one mile north of the Charlotte County line on Manasota Key.


  • 66 acres gulf to bay
  • 2,940 linear feet of gulf beach frontage
  • Canoe launch
  • Dune wildflowers
  • Fishing
  • Large picnic shelter
  • Nature trail
  • Parking
  • Passive recreation area
  • Playground equipment
  • Rest rooms
  • Swimming
    No Lifeguards are on duty.

Animal Species:  You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter year-round include:

 Anhinga  Cormorant, Double-crested  Great Egret
 Snowy Egret  Yellow Shafted Flicker  Northern Gannet
 Laughing Gull  Ring-billed Gull  Great Blue Heron
 Little Blue Heron  Yellow-crowned Night Heron  Mocking Bird
 Osprey  Brown Pelican  Black Skimmer
 Least Tern  Royal Tern  Sandwich Tern
 Willet  Red-bellied Woodpecker  Carolina Wren

Migrants that you may see:

Catbird Bald Eagle White Pelican
Black-bellied Plover Snowy Plover Wilson’s Plover
Sanderling Ruddy Turnstone  Assorted Warblers

Documented Mammals:

Dolphins Gray Fox Florida Manatee
Virginia O’possum Marsh Rabbit  Raccoon
Palm Rat Gray Squirrel