Description: This 183 acre environmental gem was purchased by Charlotte County in 1994, with money from the state of Florida (Florida Forever Funding). An additional 34 acres was acquired in 2002 as Florida Scrub-Jay mitigation. The addition linked the County-owned preserve land with the Charlotte Harbor Buffer Preserve State Park. This 217-acre environmental park is managed by the Charlotte County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department.

Vegetation Communities: Scrub, scrubby flatwoods, pine flatwoods, slough systems, and lake.

Location: Englewood peninsula east of SR 775. Park access is of Gasparilla Pines Blvd.

Amenities: Trail system with informational kiosks, bird blinds at the lake, rest rooms, parking, playground, etc.

Animal Species:  You may not be able to see all these species

Birds that you may encounter year-round include:

 Florida scrub-jay  Bald eagle  Cardinal
 Blue jay  Red Shouldered Hawk  Roseate Spoonbill
 Rufous Sided Towhee  Wood Stork  Osprey
 White-eyed vireo  Little Blue Heron
 Turkey Vulture  Great Egret
 Black Vulture  Snowy Egret

Migrants that you may see:

 White Pelican  Robin  Pine Warbler
 Green-winged Teal  Pine Warbler  Palm Warbler
 Blue-winged Teal  Yellow-rumped Warbler  Tree Swallow

Documented Mammals:

 Raccoon  Bobcat  Feral Hog
 Opossum  Armadillo

Documented Herps:

 Cricket Frog  Green Treefrog  Pinewoods Treefrog
 Gopher Tortoise  Red shouldered Hawk