CHECThe Peace River Audubon Society is involved in many educational pursuits within Charlotte County:

Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC)

As a founding member of the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) we continue to donate and participate in educational programs at their Punta Gorda and Alligator Creek locations. Each year some of the proceeds from our silent auction at our banquet are donated to CHEC.

Plants Talk – Birds Listen

Native Plants for Birds Booklet

Birds Talk Native Plants Listen

Children’s Activities – Free Download

Children will gain knowledge about native plants at the same time that teachers and parents will learn about the benefit of native plant habitats in school yards and backyards. Teachers and parents are encouraged to start native plant gardens with their children and have them certified. As human populations and development increase, birds are losing native breeding and wintering habitats; moreover, migrating species are losing their stopping spots where they refuel. Since 1970 three billion birds have been lost, approximately 90% from 12 bird families (mostly sparrows, warblers, finches and swallows). The purpose of the booklet is to provide fun learning activities where children gain an understanding of ways to restore native plant habitats for birds.

Download complete booklet (PDF):

Native Plants for Birds Activity Booklet

Download by page (PDF):

Birds Talk Plants Listen Activities Booklet Cover Page
Purpose/Parent/Teacher Page
Leaf Sorting Game
Plant Life Cycle fill in the blank
Match Flower Parts
Locate the nest
Word Search
Color feet and berries
Match beaks to tools
Water Cycle Fill in the blanks
Mockingbird Maze
Color Parts of Birds
Draw a bird
Crossword Puzzle
How to Recognize Birds – Use imagination writing exercise
Guidelines for schoolyards
Landscaping Yards

The Peace River Audubon Society Scholarship for Environmental Studies

The purpose of this award is to encourage students to pursue a degree in environmental studies. Funds may be used for the educational institution’s tuition, books, supplies and equipment, or technical materials. College students with professional goals to pursue science, biology, environmental education, or wildlife conservation will be given preference and are invited to apply for this scholarship. For more information, please contact

Peace River Audubon Scholarship Application (PDF)

Education Topics

A Tale of A Tern by Mary Lundeberg