This year’s photo competition, held at the December potluck meeting, featured a new category.  To encourage new photographers to enter, there were two separate competitions. Those folks who had a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner in previous competitions competed in Contest A.  All others competed in Contest B.  This change in the photo contest doubled the number of winners!
The photo contest was a great success with more photographers and photos than ever! The photos were GREAT!

Here are the winners of the 2015 PRAS Photo Contest.

Contest A  – open to only previous photo contest winners

1st Place winner:

p10 1 Jerry Waters GRBH
Jerry Waters – Great Blue Heron


Two 2nd Place Winners in alphabetical order:

p08 2t Chuck Froman BAOW
Chuck Froman – Barred Owl


p09 2t Jerry Waters PABU
Jerry Waters – Painted Bunting


 3rd Place Winner:

p07 3 Linda Moreau GREG
Linda Moreau – Great Egrets


Contest B – open for anyone except previous photo contest winners

Two 1st Place winners in alphabetical order:


n05 1t Larry Behrens MODU
Larry Behrens – Mottled Duck


n06 1t Linda O'Neil GREG
Linda O’Neill – Great Egret


Two 2nd Place Winners in alphabetical order:

n03 2t Larry Behrens Bobcats
Larry Behrens – Bobcats


n04 2t Bill Kimber BUOW
Bill Kimber – Burrowing Owls


Two 3rd Place Winners in alphabetical order:

n01 3t Bill Kimber MAFR
Bill Kimber – Magnificent Frigatebirds


n02 3t Dave Lancaster Hummingbird moth a
Dave Lancaster – Hummingbird Moth