Ten Conservation Things That You Can Do!

Note: We will be adding topic links monthly until we have our full list of Ten Things. Please click on a link for more information.

  1. Plant native plants, decrease sodding & mulch lawns (reduces watering & fertilizing)
  2. Reduce single-use plastic (use cloth, aluminum, glass, silicon, bees wax paper)
  3. Recycle smartly & reduce contamination of single source waste collection
  4. Volunteer as a citizen scientist, join PRAS Christmas bird counts and use ebird to document climate change for migrating birds
  5. Buy in bulk, buy recycled goods, reuse items & reduce waste
  6. Go renewable energy, stop constant electronic usage, go lights out at night
  7. Live sustainably, eat less meat, order less to reduce food waste & share more
  8. Protect water quality, be conscious of everything going down your drains & toilets
  9. Buy organic, support community farms, support regenerative agriculture
  10. Become an Advocate, commit to life-long learning and conservation of our planet