PRAS Trip Report To Wildflower and Amberjack Preserves

On a beautiful November day 13 people accompanied Bill and Margret Dunson for the PRAS walkabout at Amberjack and Wildflower Preserves.

Since there was high water at Lemon Lake and few migrants have returned Bill Dunson decided to educate the group on the identification of plants used by birds as thier winter food source.

With the help of Margaret Dunson’s experienced birding we did see and hear several birds.

There was only 2 Grebes fishing on Lemon Lake and 2 Ospreys catching thermals produced by the relatively warm waters of the lake.

Deb Peterson contributed pictures of a Catbird and Red Bellied Woodpecker she took on the trip.

At Wildflower Bill Dunson explained the ongoing restoration work to transform this abandon Golf Course into a first class nature preserve with salt water and fresh water marshes.