To all Peace River Audubon Society members, family and friends, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are switching our usual onsite speaker presentations over to a virtual presentation for health reasons. We are very fortunate in being able to partner with Venice Audubon to share resources for the upcoming year. Jack Foard, VAS President, has put together a list of speakers via ZOOM or through a webinar presentation. Most of these you will have to sign up for prior to the presentation.  The webinars will be on Tuesday evenings, so set that time aside for some exciting presentations.

Check our Calendar of Events for a full list of meetings and events.

2020-2021 Peace River Audubon Society Program Schedule

9/22/20 – LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Doug Tallamy, ‘A Guide to Restore the Little Things That Run the World’

10/27/20 – LIVE WEBINAR, in the field with Adam DiNuovo, ‘How Bird Banding has Changed Migratory Science’. Adam is with FL Audubon.

11/24/20 – LIVE WEBINAR with Nobel Laureate Dr. Terry Root, ‘Climate Change is Real: and it is Really Hurting Birds’.

12/15/20 – LIVE WEBINAR with Dave and Tammy McQuade sharing ‘Their Big Year 2019’ Great Story

1/6/21 – LIVE WEBINAR with Magie Hass, ‘Swallowtail Kites.

2/23/21 – Dr. Paul Gray, ‘Ornithology and Audubon Florida’.  A discussion about the history of ornithology in Florida, how our knowledge of Florida birds grew over time, and finally how it helped spawn the Audubon societies. How Audubon led to large scale restoration projects such as the Kissimmee River and Everglades restoration. There is special reference to Audubon’s Okeechobee program that started in 1936.

3/23/21 – ‘With the Wild Things’ by Dr. Jerry Jackson, FGCU Professor with the NPR program.

4/20/21 – ‘Raptors – Predators of the Skies’ by Reinier Munguia. Reinier is a noted wildlife photograper-naturalist who has spoken to our society annually for the past several years. He is a very engaging speaker.

5/18/21 – ‘Owls – the Silent Hunter’ by Reinier Munguia.