FPL/Audubon Florida Plants for Birds Grant Application (FY21)

PRAS has been awarded a 2020-21 grant from Florida Power & Light under Audubon’s Plants for Birds Initiative to create a children’s activity booklet. With school field trips canceled due to Covid-19, a scientific based Native Plants for Birds Activity Booklet could provide an environmental educational opportunity.  Publication and distribution of the booklet to elementary school and homeschool children will provide knowledge of the benefits of native plants and promote native plant habitats in school yards and backyards.  Teachers and parents will be encouraged to start native plant gardens with their children.  As human populations and development increases, birds are losing native breeding and wintering habitats moreover migrating species are losing their stopping spots where they refuel.  Three billion birds have been lost since 1970 (90% from 12 bird families (mostly sparrows, warblers, finches and swallows).  The purpose of the booklet is to provide a fun learning experience about how to restore native plant habitats for birds.

Audubon FPL Grant Application FY21

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