The Peace River Audubon Society is involved in many educational pursuits within Charlotte County:

Walk-abouts and Field Trips

Southwest Florida has some of the best birding destinations in the country. Our trips explore many of these great places and offer an opportunity to learn, share your knowledge and enthusiasm, and have fun with your neighbors who share your interests. Walk-abouts are often co-led by a PRAS volunteer and Naturalist from the Charlotte County Parks and Recreation Department and are usually a more local and lower impact morning walk than field trips. Field trips tend to be more of a nature adventure, and are often a greater travel distance from our ‘home’ area. People from all levels and abilities are encouraged to participate.  Click here for more information.

Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC)

As a founding member of the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) we continue to donate and participate in educational programs at their Punta Gorda and Alligator Creek locations. Each year some of the proceeds from our silent auction at our banquet are donated to CHEC.

Additional Educational Outreach

The Peace River Audubon Society Education Committee is involved in local area environmental education efforts including classroom presentations, programs for youth and adult organizations, guided walks at Audubon Pennington Nature Park, family workshops, and other environmental events. For more information please contact our Education Committee chair.

The Peace River Audubon Society Scholarship for Environmental Studies

The purpose of this award is to encourage students to pursue a degree in environmental studies. Funds may be used for the educational institution’s tuition, books, supplies and equipment, or technical materials. College students with professional goals to pursue science, biology, environmental education, or wildlife conservation will be given preference and are invited to apply. For more information, please contact

Peace River Audubon Scholarship Application (PDF)

Education Links

National Audubon Society