Located in Charlotte County, the Peace River Audubon Society is engaged in local, regional, state, national  and international conservative issues. The purpose of PRAS is to engage in any such educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic and charitable pursuits to protect the environment.

Goals are to:

  • advocate the need to protect native flora, fauna, soil, air, and water as well as the interdependence of natural resources
  • study scientific facts within environmental reports and conduct research as citizen scientists
  • foster regional community through meetings, lectures, exhibitions, talks, tours, & field trips
  • encourage and promote the preservation of tracts of natural land and southern Florida watersheds
  • participate in programs of other organizations with similar missions to protect southern Florida’s threatened species such as the Shorebird Stewart Program, Florida Scrub Jay Watch or Eagle Watch and encourage cooperation among affiliated groups
  • join private or public associations and foundations devoted to the interests of conservation such as the Everglades Coalition
  • conduct educational programs in the field of natural resources, avian and other endangered species including protection of their natural habitats and help fund CHEC’s fourth grade field trips

The Conservation Chair, Brenda Curtis was appointed by the President and approved by the Board, will be the delegate to various regional conservation organizations.  The conservation committee focuses on local, regional, state, national and international policies and actions affecting the natural environment and the conservation of natural resources. On March 27, she will attend the Charlotte Harbor Flatwoods Initiative meeting about the purchase of Stolle Ranch.  Hydrology of Tuckers Point, Hudson Creek and Yucca Pens will be discussed.  On April 3rd, she will attend the central Florida meeting on expansion of phosphate mining and on April 9th, she will attend the Advocacy Boot Camp for Everglades Action Day in Tallahassee.


  • To spread education of scientific facts for water quality research on green & brown algae and red tide by engaging in community presentations and research of water measurements
  • To continue to be involved in discouraging the expansion of phosphate mining in the Peace River watershed which threatens our drinking water supply, Charlotte Harbor Marine Environment & tourism
  • To advocate for private and governmental efforts like The Trust for Public Land purchase of Stolle Ranch, for expansion of Charlotte Flatwoods for better water quality, natural watershed flows & wildlife corridors
  • To stay involved in various regional efforts to protect Florida’s environment from harmful legislation
  • To work on ballad initiatives with the Environmental Lands Acquisition Advisory Council (ELAAC) to preserve and protect environmentally sensitive land that is vital to future of Floridians
  • To continue to produce educational presentations like our 2006 “The Charlotte Harbor Way of Life”
  • To join efforts of the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast to preserve endangered species’ habitats like the Florida Panther as well as black bear and other wildlife corridors
  • To stay involved in the preservation of endangered species both statewide and locally ie., the Florida Scrub Jay, Gopher Tortoise, Grasshopper Sparrow, and Florida Panther
  • To complete long term bird species surveys in areas like Charlotte Flatwoods for scientific research
  • To participate in shore bird surveys along southern Florida coastlines and CBC bird counts
  • To join efforts in creating long distance wilderness trails from coast to coast in Florida ie from the west coast at Charlotte Harbor to Lake Okeechobee where east coast trails continue
  • To maintain trails at Pennington Park, commit to long term maintenance of the land and to enhance the park with a local fund raising project for a matching grant for a butterfly habitat.
  • To build a blue bird trail and build a long term data base with SW Florida Audubon
  • To maintain the bird blind at Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center

If you are not a member and you feel, as we do, that protecting our local environment for the future of our grand children is important, then please join us at Peace River Audubon Society, where together we can make a difference.  The Charlotte County chapter of Florida Audubon was formed in 1977.  The Peace River Audubon Society (PRAS) is organized under Section 50l(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific aspirations.